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20 x Giant 18kg Bags of Wood Briquettes

Our extruded wood briquettes are made of dry, untreated wood chips. They are pressed with high pressure using NO glue or other binding agent. Compacting the wood under such high pressure turns it into a very cost effective coal-like fuel.

They are energy dense and slow burning offering easy renewable combustion.

Suitable for burning in multi-fuel stoves, open fires, log burners and open fireplaces.

Made from waste off cuts of harwood. A green, zero carbon, non-fossil fuel energy source.

  • Clean to handle
  • Easy to light
  • Smoke free
  • No sparks
  • No spitting
  • High level of radiant heat
  • Minimal amount of ash
  • Ash can be used as a fertilizer
  • Leaves virtually no residual unburnt fuels


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10 x Giant 18kg Bags of Wood Briquettes
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